Guys, I can’t stop fucking laughing!

So, I’ve had a chest infection for the past month - it’s pertussis, big fancy word for whooping cough. I developed bronchitis cause of it, so I cough a lot and it hurts and it sucks.

I haven’t been able to sleep too well because of it, so I’ve bought Nyquil. Now, every time I go to the store, they seem to have “just run out” of Nyquil in the pill form, unless there was a full moon or the planets align or some fucking thing - then, I’d end up lucky and getting the pills. So, just like almost every other time I’ve gotten sick and bought Nyquil.

Tonight, I brought it to my room because if I couldn’t sleep cause of my coughing, I could just reach over to my night stand instead of getting up and going to the kitchen naked (my roomie came back today so I have to wear clothes. Bummer, I know). 

I take the bottle, and not noticing the cap wasn’t on properly, I shook the Nyquil. It’s everywhere. My walls behind my bed, the bed, the carpet, my nightstand, my macbook charger, ME! I was literally covered in Nyquil head to toe.

I couldn’t even be mad just solely because it was so funny and only things like this happens to me. 



Cory, Topanga, and Riley Matthews in the Girl Meets World premiere.

Oops #1

Well, guys, it’s possible.
It’s possible…
It’s possible to get a paper cut on your nipple.


Let’s just talk about Wednesday’s perfect “not giving a fuck” attitude because it’s marvelous.

My dog looks at me with the upmost trust in his eyes.
Like he thinks I know what to do. 
He trusts me with his life.
He trusts me to fill his bowls and to know when to take him out.
He trusts that I’ll always be there for him.
He trusts that I know what to do for us to survive.

I don’t have the heart to tell him I actually don’t know.
I’m just making it up as I go.
And so far, we’re okay.


Queer dimensionality: space, affect and the brown body

Rasia Kabir

London, November 2013

Iggy Azalea - Rolex
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Iggy Azalea
The New Classic (Deluxe Version)
Island Records
April 18, 2014

Obviously, this song doesn’t belong to me…

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Happy Canada Day, eh!