Famous Failures

I stumbled upon this video a long time ago and it honestly made me feel a lot better.

"If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived."

I could not fit everyone mentioned in the video in this post so be sure to give the video a look.


Don’t depend on someone else too much. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in the dark.

Thinking back on school, I stand corrected: I got taught way more and beyond just basic life skills. Did I need to learn basketball? No, but I’m a fucking champ at sitting on the bench! Same for music, chemistry and biology… I didn’t need to know how to read music or the way my heart works, but hey, now I know why things do what they do, and not to eat a fistful of butter everyday. I can honestly say my teachers were such effective, positive role models that I didn’t turn out to be a complete asshole. And for the record, the basketball bench thing had nothing to do with the way my teacher taught me. I was just extremely bad at sports.


Love fit bodies

CNN doing what CNN does.


CNN doing what CNN does.

Guys, I can’t stop fucking laughing!

So, I’ve had a chest infection for the past month - it’s pertussis, big fancy word for whooping cough. I developed bronchitis cause of it, so I cough a lot and it hurts and it sucks.

I haven’t been able to sleep too well because of it, so I’ve bought Nyquil. Now, every time I go to the store, they seem to have “just run out” of Nyquil in the pill form, unless there was a full moon or the planets align or some fucking thing - then, I’d end up lucky and getting the pills. So, just like almost every other time I’ve gotten sick and bought Nyquil.

Tonight, I brought it to my room because if I couldn’t sleep cause of my coughing, I could just reach over to my night stand instead of getting up and going to the kitchen naked (my roomie came back today so I have to wear clothes. Bummer, I know). 

I take the bottle, and not noticing the cap wasn’t on properly, I shook the Nyquil. It’s everywhere. My walls behind my bed, the bed, the carpet, my nightstand, my macbook charger, ME! I was literally covered in Nyquil head to toe.

I couldn’t even be mad just solely because it was so funny and only things like this happens to me. 



Cory, Topanga, and Riley Matthews in the Girl Meets World premiere.

Oops #1

Well, guys, it’s possible.
It’s possible…
It’s possible to get a paper cut on your nipple.