My dog looks at me with the upmost trust in his eyes.
Like he thinks I know what to do. 
He trusts me with his life.
He trusts me to fill his bowls and to know when to take him out.
He trusts that I’ll always be there for him.
He trusts that I know what to do for us to survive.

I don’t have the heart to tell him I actually don’t know.
I’m just making it up as I go.
And so far, we’re okay.


Queer dimensionality: space, affect and the brown body

Rasia Kabir

London, November 2013

Iggy Azalea - Rolex
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Iggy Azalea
The New Classic (Deluxe Version)
Island Records
April 18, 2014

Obviously, this song doesn’t belong to me…

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Grown Up Win #1

I made out to Slipknot today… I feel like a teenager again.
Except this totally happened and I wasn’t hoping it would. 
Grown up win.

First love is hard enough, even worse to give it up.

I thought my mom’s marriage never worked out cause she never got a ring.
I got a ring and mine didn’t either.

You know why else he’s gonna be ok? Because somewhere out there is a little girl who’s making lists and labeling bins…and he’s gonna find her.
Phil; Modern Family
Things I wish I Could Say But Can't
Interviewer: Why would you like to work with our company?
Me: Because I'd rather not shake my ass for cash.


There are so many moments that remind me just how cruel, evil and disgusting people can be. And the hardest part is knowing that, sometimes, you can’t do anything to stop those moments. That someone is getting hurt and you can’t stop it or help it go away.

It sucks to know that villains win sometimes. And I hate how you can’t tell who the villains are sometimes. That, sometimes, someone loses - and they usually don’t deserve it.